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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Excellent Service! Wash Dry and Fold service was awesome and 100% worth it."

"So nice and clean. The machines washed my stuff sooo good. I washed gross car seats and sheets and they came out really clean. I used the huge speed queen washer. $2 to wash regular loads. $1.50 to dry. They have coin machines and credit card machines. The big washer cost me $9 but all of my stuff fit in one load and was done in 30 minutes. I will be back."

"It's clean & smells fresh like fabric softener."

"It was very nice & clean. The person working was helpful. Look like newer equipment. Took no time--in and out. Very pleased with the visit. I'll be back. They even have drop off also if needed."

"Always clean and equipment works well."

"They have nice clean friendly environment where you can wash a massive load of clothes for $6.50 instead of using multiple small machines. Dryers always do a great job as well. Solid place to do your laundry temporarily or permanently."

"Attendant is very helpful and caring. I would not have met a wonderful person if my washer did not break."

"Great place to wash large items."

"Came into laundromat tonight to get some work clothes washed. They were really busy and needed some help while multitasking with the attendant doing her work and taking care of other customers. She reassured me that she would be with me in a second. She came over and helped me with two jackets that had stuck zippers on them all the while with a smile on her face. I asked her what her name was and she said Kelly. It's so refreshing to see someone so energetic and caring and so very helpful. Thank you for all you do."

"I was just here to do my washing of my comforters. The customer service attendant that was working is ALWAYS pleasant, courteous, helpful and hard working. She keeps the laundromat spotless. She creates a pleasant atmosphere!"

"Although this is only my second visit to this facility. I have enjoyed coming here! The facility is very clean and the staff is nice and pleasant to talk to. What impressed me more was how you can use your credit cards instead of coins at the machines. The machines accept major credit cards and even Apple Pay!!! They also have WiFi for you."

"The employee was amazing. She was very friendly and helpful!! I don't frequently go to laundromats, but will absolutely return to this one next time I need to wash a comforter or a rug."

"Lots of machines in different sizes to choose from going from $2 to $8.75 for washers and very low priced dryers. Place is maintained very well. Staff was very courteous, will definitely recommend."

"The service is convenient, clean and WiFi making hanging a breeze."

"Good laundry facility. The machines are new and work well. There are security cameras and a tv. The women who are their daily for the laundry service and assistance are kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a good, clean laundromat I highly suggest Highlander's if you are anywhere near it."

"Was able to get right in and two big front loaders to wash our king size comforter and mattress pad. Friendly patrons, most had masks and adhered to social distancing when possible. I have used this laundromat for years and have always had a pleasant experience with each visit. Thank you."

"Went in with dirty laundry. Came out with clean laundry. Place was clean, fast and easy."